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Lead + Analyst


Package Deal: Analytics Lead + Analyst

$1,297 $997
  • 7-week Analytics Lead course
  • 7-week HR Analyst course
  • Save $ 250.-

Lead + Analyst + Metrics


Package Deal: Analytics Lead + Analyst + Metrics

$1,791 $1,397
  • 7-week Analytics Lead course
  • 7-week HR Analyst course
  • 5-week Strategic HR Metrics
  • Save $ 400.-



All You Can Learn – 18 Month License

$3,626 $1,797
  • Full Academy License (12 Months)
  • All Courses and Masterclasses
  • 12 Months Community access ($600)
  • Save $ 2600.-

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  • HR Analytics Lead
    Advance your career by preparing yourself for a truly strategic role. The role of an HR analytics lead. As analytics lead, you’ll be heading the implementation of data-driven HR within your organization and become the most important link between HR and the business.
    Download the syllabus for more details
  • HR Analyst
    By analyzing HR data you take the first step towards determining the impact of people related policies on your organization’s bottom line. This entry-level course enables students to familiarize themselves with working on (HR) data using Microsoft Excel and Power BI. The HR Analyst course is specifically tailored to the people that have little or no experience in processing and analyzing data.
    Download the syllabus for more details
  • Strategic HR Metrics
    Data-driven HR starts by getting your metrics right. Metrics help you determine the efficiency and impact of the workforce and the HR department itself. The strategic HR metrics course teaches you how to develop HR metrics, implement them and align them with your organization’s strategy.
    Download the syllabus for more details
  • All You Can Learn
    The all you can learn academy license provides you unlimited access to all of our current and future courses for a total period of 12 months.
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Alessandro Renna
Total Reward & Analytics – Generali


“I was looking for a comprehensive overview of HR Analytics that would complement readings and work projects. So I turned my attention to Analytics in HR, as I got the impression that they can provide learning solutions which would position me favorably on my professional goals. And I was right.

I have learned not only the basics but more importantly a methodology and real-life examples to reinforce my skills.”


Karolina Glogowska
Reporting Specialist – Vector Synergy


“I would highly recommend the HR analytics academy to any HR professional who would like to improve their organization and support various stakeholders by providing valuable, actionable insights based on data.

I have managed to learn how to move forward with further implementations of HR Analytics best practices and how to tackle specific challenges that my organization is facing.
The courses are very well structured and based on solid academic knowledge. Substance over form in a very user-friendly way.”


Danielle Dunstan
HRIS Business Analyst – Highmark Inc


“Having a love/passion for HR data and analytics, I jumped at the chance of enrolling in the HR Analytics Academy. It presented itself as a great refresher to what I knew, as well as advanced my exposure into the world of People Analytics, an ever-evolving hot topic these days. It was accompanied by highly educated professionals with an intellect that exceeded any of my expectations.

Anyone looking to advance their knowledge/awareness should sign up for the HR Analytics Academy.”


Isaac Aseltine
HR Analyst – News America Marketing


“The HR Analytics Lead program does not simply provide guidance about how to build a scorecard, but effectively communicates why metrics are critical to organizational strategy. From KPIs to world-class analytic models, this course has provided me with essential knowledge to be able to effectively use strategic HR metrics at my organization, I highly recommend this course to all organizations interested in solving critical challenges.”


Jaana Saramies
HRIS Systems Analyst


“Are you interested in diving into HR analytics, but don’t know how or where to start? Then this is the academy for you!

If you don’t have previous experience in HR or analytics, it doesn’t matter. Coming from financial-administration, I had neither but learned very quickly during this course. Now I have the competencies and capabilities to identify, develop and implement HR analytics!”


Maggie Lin
HR Reporting SME – Philips


“I would recommend the HR Analytics Lead course to the company that is thinking to set up the HR Analytics team. This is a useful training that gives you the idea how HR Analytics should work and setup in the organization.”


Craig Cracraft
HRIS Systems Analyst  – Fiesta Group


“Anytime you can learn a broad topic in a short time, and do so without paying “an arm and a leg”, it makes for good economics/value. I recommend the HR analytics academy to anyone whose career is moving toward HR Analytics, either as their primary or secondary role.

The courses taught me how to assess which Analytics are most relevant to the business. For example, Turnover may help explain a business problem and lead to evaluating solutions, but it may also be peripheral to the larger business problems at hand. I am now keeping a closer eye on the health of my business. Stock prices, quarterly goals, operational pain-points…these are drivers of Analytics that silently breach into the HR space.


Ashley Topuschak
HR Consultant


“ Thoroughly enjoyed this practical and highly applicable coursex. It both reinforced “the why” behind data analytics in HR and provided skills with data tools that I have already started using.”


Jason Hall
Director of Human Resources


“I happened to come across the Analytics in HR blog a little over a year ago after being challenged to implement strong data practices into our HR Operations.

I viewed the academy as an opportunity to take my knowledge (and value that I can provide to my organization) to the next level – the course certainly did not disappoint and I’m walking away with a much deeper understanding and refined focus to implementing HR analytics practices.”


Oliver Kasper
Director HR processes, Systems & Metrics – Swarovski Crystal


“I attend the HR analytics academy and it was a great experience. The course offers all you need to get a sound picture of HR analytics. The eLearnings and all the additional readings are very well prepared and selected.

Especially the pragmatic approach and the rich selection of examples make the course very useful. The journey brings you step by step to the next level. The instructors were very approachable for all questions at any time. I would recommend the course to any person that wants to move into HR analytics.”


Ninoslav Cerkez
Executive Director, HR & Education – IN2 Group


“I recommend the HR analytics academy to any person that would like to move his/her career toward HR analytics. The courses are magnificently prepared, and all materials are well selected and structured.

The HR Analytics Lead course emphasizes the importance of linking HR processes with business objectives and that’s why I find the HR value chain and Blumberg’s analytics chain essential strategic and operational HR tools. The course is a comprehensive overview of HR Analytics with complement readings and work projects. With this course, anyone can achieve HR analytics competencies and capabilities to identify, develop and implement HR analytics!”


What happens at the end of the 12 months?

All of our packages come with a 12 month-access to the respective courses.

With the all-you-can-learn academy license, you will have the possibility to extend your full access for USD 50.- per month for an indefinite period after the initial 12 months (cancel on a monthly basis).

Is there a particular order in which I need to complete the courses?

We always recommend to start with the HR Analytics Lead course as it offers a solid foundation in HR Analytics and data-driven HR, from which you can then specialize further with the other programs.

The HR Analytics Lead and HR Analyst programs are specifically designed to be complementary in this particular order.

What happens when a new program is launched?

If you sign up for the All-you-can-learn package you’ll automatically get access to any new program.

For the remainder of 2018, we’re planning to launch 4 new masterclasses and 2 full courses.

Can I pay in installments?

No. We don’t offer installments or any other payment plans.

I am not sure which package is the right fit for my situation

Our admissions advisors are here to help you. We’d love to learn more about your background, goals, and help you determine which of our programs or packages is the right fit.

Just schedule a free 15-minute call. Click here to grab a slot on our calendar.

When can I start?

Whenever you want!

All the lessons of our programs are pre-recorded. You determine when you start.

After enrolling, you’ll immediately receive an email with instructions to create your student account.

Are these programs self-paced?


All our online programs are self-paced. By placing our students in the driver’s seat, we enable you to optimize your learning curve and complete the program at your own pace. All lessons are pre-recorded so that you can learn whenever it’s most convenient.


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