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HR Analytics Leader

Self-paced online course | 7 modules

Transform your career by preparing for a truly strategic role. As the HR Analytics Leader, you will be heading the implementation of data-driven HR practices throughout your organization and become the most important link between HR and ‘the business’.

By determining the impact of people related decisions and policies you show business leaders which levers they need to pull in order to boost business performance – a unique skill that will benefit both your organization and your career.

No pre-requisite technical or statistical knowledge required.

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Build an Analytics function from scratch

Launch or advance your career in HR Analytics by developing practical and in-demand skills. You’ll learn to set up and analytics function and champion the implementation of data-driven HR practices throughout the organization.

Learning objectives

      Develop essential skills to successfully lead an organization to people analytics success
      Acquire the relevant knowledge to coordinate and communicate with stakeholders such as data analysts, IT, and other specialists
      Learn about the various applications of analytics and develop an internal business case for your organization
      Learn the basics of the ETL (extract transform load), analytics, statistics, and data mining process
      Know where to extract (HR) data, common data formats, tools, and how to work with data
      Learn the basics of HR data and how HR adds value through analytics

See course outline

MODULE 1: Introduction to HR Analytics

MODULE 2: Consulting the Business

MODULE 3: Building the Business Case

MODULE 4: Working with HR data

MODULE 5: Data Cleaning & HR Metrics

MODULE 6: Hypothesis & Data Analysis

MODULE 7: Data-Visualization & Reporting


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HR Analytics Leader


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    HR Analytics Leader
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  • TOOLS:
    People Analytics Roadmap + Community
    No pre-requisite technical or statistical knowledge required.
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Meet your instructors

profile picture Erik

Erik van Vulpen is the founder of Analytics in HR (AIHR). He is an expert in connecting HR processes to business results through qualitative and quantitative methods and globally recognized as one of the top thought leaders in the field. Erik is a regular speaker at conferences, he trained hundreds of HR leadership teams to apply data-driven HR and analytics in their organization. He also teaches at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) and graduated in Law, Psychology (hons.) and Business Administration (hons.).

profile picture Lyndon

While the recognition of the applicability of People Analytics to HR management has been fairly recent, the building blocks to do this have been evolving for decades. In that vein, Lyndon Sundmark provides a seasoned perspective and a wealth of practical knowledge and ideas to People Analytics. His HR work, which started out as a human resource-planning analyst in the 80’s, has always sought to encourage HR to be ‘data-driven’.

Bonus content with

profile picture Max

Dr Max Blumberg, PhD
Founder of the Blumberg Partnership, a Top 50 analytics consultancy

profile picture David

David Green
Global People Analytics Thought Leader & Speaker

profile picture Alec

Dr. Alec Levenson
Senior Research Scientist @ Center for Effective Organizations (CEO), University of Southern California

Why should I enroll?

The demand for data-savvy HR professionals and in particular HR Analytics professionals far exceeds the current supply.

The HR Analytics Leader course offers you the opportunity to develop in-demand HR Analytics skills and launch (or advance) your career in this exciting new field. By the end of the program, you will have a solid knowledge of HR Analytics and will be ready to specialize further in the field. Furthermore, you will have created a plan to start implementing data-driven HR practices within your organization and possess the skills necessary to head the implementation.

Is this course the right fit for me?

If you are someone who recognizes the need for more data-driven decision making in HR, or if you are interested in becoming an HR Analytics Leader/Manager/Director, this course is ideal for you. In fact, you will learn how to start embedding data-driven HR practices within your organization.

Also consider this course if you are a committed newcomer to the field starting from scratch and are ready to set up an analytics function without wasting years and money trying to figure it out on your own.

In short, the HR Analytics Leader course is designed for anyone interested in preparing for the role of an HR analytics leader/manager, HR analytics consultant or any role similar to these.

If you’re not sure this course is the right fit, schedule a free call with one of our admissions advisors to find out.

What are the job perspectives?

This course qualifies you for a wide array of HR Analytics related roles such as HR Analytics Lead(er), HR Analytics Consultant, HR Analytics Manager, Director of Workforce Analytics.

Thanks to the solid foundation this course offers, it is also the perfect starting point to specialize further for roles such as HRIS Analyst, HR Data Analyst, or HR Data Scientist.

What are the roadmap and resources library about?

The people analytics roadmap and resources library are powerful tools designed to help you build a people analytics function and run projects faster.

The roadmap is an instrument that guides you through every step of the people analytics journey. Each step includes dozens of curated and exclusive resources.

Can I preview the courses and lessons?

Yes! We have uploaded two lessons to our preview portal. In the syllabus, you will find the detailed curriculum overview.

Are there subtitles available?

Yes! The HR Analytics Leader course offers English and Spanish subtitles for all the video lessons. The voiceover is in English. You can simply enable or disable the captions yourself.

Reading materials and assignments are only available in English.


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