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Oliver Kasper
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How Florent Transformed His Career

Back in March 2018, Florent Maire from Hong Kong enrolled in the HR Analytics Academy. Florent had been working in the banking industry for over 10 years, during which he held various senior management positions at JP Morgan, BNP Paribas, and Credit Agricole.

Not having any background or work experience in HR, he was eager for a change and decided to launch his career in HR Analytics. After he enrolled things started to move quickly.

Florent signed up for the HR Analytics Lead, HR Analyst, and Strategic HR Metrics courses and completed everything in under a month. Shortly after completing the courses he landed his next job as HR Analytics Specialist at Societe Generale.

Here’s what Florent said after landing his new job:

"Not from HR background, I have developed a passion for People Development (Talent Acquisition, Engagement, Retention…) through my job exposure as a Manager. Moreover, with some basics and interest in Analytics and Statistics, I have always been intrigued how to maximize Business efficiency with the optimization of the Human Capital element.

I believe that’s what HR analytics is all about. In a search for a career opportunity in HR and willing to equip myself in HR analytics, I decided to enroll to both Strategic HR Metrics and HR Analytics Lead Trainings provided online by AIHR. While the Strategic HR Metrics introduced me to some key concepts on HR Metrics, strategic positioning and the HR value chain, the HR Analytics Lead course provided a detailed and pragmatic methodology to set-up HR Analytics function in your company. Finally I also enjoyed the bonus videos available within HR Analytics Lead Course from key influencers and practitioners of the People Analytics field.

Whether you are from HR and want to be part of an HR Analytics journey, or not from an HR background and eager to develop personally and/or professionally in this strategic field of HR, I believe the HR Analytics Lead course will provide you with the flexibility and Tools to reach your objectives.

- Florent Maire
HR Analytics Specialist @ Societe Generale

- Danielle Dunstan
Lead HRIS Business Analyst @ Highmark

"Having a love/passion for HR data and analytics, I jumped at the chance of enrolling in the HR Analytics Lead course. It presented itself as a great refresher to what I knew, as well as advanced my exposure into the world of People Analytics, an ever-evolving hot topic these days. It was accompanied by highly educated professionals with an intellect that exceeded any of my expectations.

Anyone looking to advance their knowledge/skills should sign up for the HR Analytics Academy. "

  • Pittsburgh, United States
  • HR Analytics Leader

- Karolina Glogowska
Reporting Specialist @ Vector Synergy

"I highly recommend the HR analytics academy to any HR professional who would like to improve their organization and support various stakeholders by providing valuable, actionable insights based on data.

I have managed to learn how to move forward with further implementations of HR Analytics best practices and how to tackle specific challenges that my organization is facing. The courses are very well structured and based on solid academic knowledge. Substance over form in a very user-friendly way."

  • Poznań, Poland
  • HR Analytics Leader

- Isaac Aseltine
HR Analyst @ News America Marketing

"The HR Analytics Lead program does not simply provide guidance about how to build a scorecard, but effectively communicates why metrics are critical to organizational strategy.

From KPIs to world-class analytic models, this course has provided me with essential knowledge to be able to effectively use strategic HR metrics at my organization, I highly recommend this course to all organizations interested in solving critical challenges. "  

  • New York, United States
  • HR Analytics Leader

- Maggie Lin
HR Reporting @ Philips

"I would recommend the HR Analytics Lead course to the company that is thinking to set up the HR Analytics team. This is a great and practical training that gives you the idea how HR Analytics should work and set up in the organization."

  • Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • HR Analyst

- Alessandro Renna
Total Reward & Analytics @ Generali

"I was looking for a comprehensive overview of HR Analytics that would complement readings and work projects. So I turned my attention to Analytics in HR, as I got the impression that they can provide learning solutions which would position me favorably on my professional goals. And I was right. I have learned not only the basics but more importantly a methodology and real-life examples to reinforce my skills"

  • Milan, Italy
  • HR Analytics Leader

- Daniel Taylor
HR Representative @ Allison Transmission

"The HR Analyst course was an excellent introduction to the role of an HR Analyst. We have just started to incorporate HR Analytics in our office and this course provided me with a solid understanding of the field. I am excited about pulling more data and showing how powerful HR analytics can be for our organization. "

  • Indianapolis, United States
  • HR Analyst

- Song Peng Ong
Learning & Development Associate @ Great Eastern Life

"Nowadays it’s difficult to make a move in your career without having a certification in the topic in question. I was positively surprised that the courses were so practical. I have taken some courses in this field before and found a lot of the content to be too general. HR Leader helped me understand the connection between HR and strategic business developments and even though I’m not (yet) a team or department leader, it was very eye-opening to learn more about the things that managers need to deal with. I think the course made me a better employee by helping me understand the bigger picture of the whole HR function and the rest of the business."

  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Leader + Analyst

- Chanthiran Veerasamy
Senior Lecturer @ Curtin University Malaysia

"The HR analytics Leader program has provided remarkable knowledge and skills on understanding the key factors in HR analytics especially on consulting business and reporting to stakeholders in the organization. In addition to that, the course exposes the participants to varies techniques to analyze and predict the future HR standings."

  • Sarawak, Malaysia
  • HR Analytics Leader

- Sazadur Rahman Shajib
Senior HR Executive @ Healthcare Pharmaceuticals

"I am very much passionate about HR Analytics. As this field is new there are not many structured resources out there. After reviewing the curriculum of the HR Analyst course, I seemed very informative & essential that is the reason to select this course. From this course, I have learned many new skills including Strategic Workforce Planning, HR3P Modelling, Financial HR, building HR Dashboards using Power BI, and many other things. The course is unique because of it's structure & way of teaching. It is a complete guide for those people who want to build a career as an HR Analyst."

  • Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • HR Analyst

- Craig Cracraft
HRIS Analyst @ Realpage, Inc.

"Anytime you can learn a broad topic in a short time, and do so without paying ‘an arm and a leg’, it makes for good economics/value. The courses taught me how to assess which Analytics are most relevant to the business. For example, Turnover may help explain a business problem and lead to evaluating solutions, but it may also be peripheral to the larger business problems at hand. I am now keeping a closer eye on the health of my business. Stock prices, quarterly goals, operational pain-points…these are drivers of Analytics that silently breach into the HR space. "

  • Dallas, United States
  • Lead + Analyst

- Anne Schwab
Advanced Analytics Expert @ UBS

"Excellent to get a solid understanding of the principles of workforce planning and analytics and how they fit in within a broader organizational framework. Everything is nicely linked to practical examples. The course is easy to do for everybody who has Excel installed on their computer. Thanks very much, I really enjoyed taking this course!"

  • Zürich, Switzerland
  • HR Analyst

- Koen Collier
Chief People Officer

"I choose to follow the HR Analyst, HR Analytics Lead, and Strategic HR Metrics courses in order to develop a more data-driven vision in my role. The AIHR - trajectory was able to fulfill and even excel my expectations. In short: the courses gave me new insights that I want to transfer to the HR - organization & capabilities that really add value to the realization of the company strategy."

  • Bruges, Belgium
  • Leader + Analyst + Metrics

- Joan Clotet Sulé
Talent Innovation Manager @ Ferrovial

"This course is a very good way to have a broad vision and tools about why, what, and how of People Analytics. A business-oriented approach and very clear and didactic messages help anyone interested to better understand, start or boost this high demanding practice with good knowledge, experience and mindset inputs for any HR professional "

  • Barcelona, Spain
  • HR Analytics Lead

- Pete Kumar
Sr HRIS & Payroll Analyst @ A10 Networks

"This was one of the best courses I've done. It not only gave me the hows and whats of HR Analytics but also showed me the insights of HR Metrics and HR Strategy."

  • San Francisco, United States
  • HR Analyst + Metrics

- Dylan Alton
Talent Acquisition @ Bell

"This course is a great introduction to HR Analytics. You learn a lot of key skills in Excel and PowerBI. Everything learned in this course will benefit you and your workplace"

  • Toronto, Canada
  • HR Analyst course

How Jaana became a People Analytics Consultant

One of our first students back in 2017 when we launched the HR Analytics Lead course was Jaana. She had been working in financial administration for many years and was eager to make a career shift.

After being a loyal reader of the AIHR blog, Jaana decided that she wanted to launch her career in people analytics. Yearning to start developing a new skill set, she signed up for our HR Analytics Lead course.

Not long after completing the course Jaana started to freelance as a People Analytics Consultant. She now works for CGI, one of world’s leading IT consulting firms to develop HR Analytics and Metrics solutions.

Here’s what Jaana said after completing the course:

"If you’re interested in diving into HR analytics, but don't know how or where to start, I recommend enrolling in the HR Analytics Lead course. The course gives you an overview on the possibilities of HR analytics, versatile examples, action points how to initialize such a project, and concrete tools to begin people analytics in your organization.

If you don't have previous experience in HR or analytics, it doesn't matter. Coming from financial administration, I had neither but learned very quickly during this course. Now I have the competencies and capabilities to identify, develop and implement HR analytics either internally or as an outside consultant. Through taking this course, so could you!"

- Jaana Saramies
People Analytics Consultant @ CGI

Ninoslav Cerkez
Executive Director, HR & Education


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